Durable Harsh Environment
HV Interconnect Solutions

Your partners for electrification.

The PowerLok family provides High Voltage & High Current standard interconnect options in an off the shelf solution for primary power and accessory connections in electric and hybrid vehicles. Customized injection molded busbars and cable assemblies offer improved insulation resistance and environmental sealing in a smaller and more cost-effective package.


Global engineering staff and sales support to support your electrification needs

With a strong global push for a decreased dependency on foreign oil and fossil fuels, electric and hybrid drive trains are increasing in popularity.  Heavy equipment OEMs are realizing the benefits of lowering fuel dependency while improving performance at the same time.  The more traditional vehicle fuel models are transitioning into alternative and renewable fuel solutions.  OEMs are discovering the power of offering their vehicles to sustainable conscious consumers.  These new electric and hybrid drive solutions demand high power connections and cabling systems.  Amphenol is well positioned to fully support this market with a broad range of connector and cabling solutions.

Standard product offering may not always meet your requirements (size, routing, cable type, etc.).  A global Amphenol sales team is ready to support your supply and technical requirements.  Our engineering team is prepared to provide a custom solution for your application.