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Let us know your requirements.  We are able to provide customized versions of standard products, busbars, and cable assemblies:

  • Integrate molded solutions (securement, routing, sealing...) into cable assemblies, connectors and busbars
  • Molded splices, fuses, and pass through flanges, high and low voltage, with shielding
  • Cable or material selection for high temperature, chemical, UV, motion requirements
  • Plug connector kits for alternate cable constructions
  • Hybrid busbars (combination of rigid/flex busbars and cable)
  • Increased Insulation Resistance or Peak Voltage requirements
  • High temperature or high current electrical contacts, terminals, and lugs
  • Custom crimp solutions and ultrasonic welded configurations
  • Receptacle lug or stud modification (length, hole, thread type...)
  • Customized HVIL leads on receptacles (sleeve, securement, connector, etc.)
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Sales Email: [email protected]
Technical Support Email: [email protected]

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